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Breaking experience 25 years 

– Silver medal at SEA Games 2023 in Cambodia

РWinner TDSA Breaking 1 vs 1 battle in 2020 

РWinner Breaking 1 vs 1 battle Blowout Grand Final 2023 

– Winner Battle of the Year Thailand 2005-2007 & 2009-2010

Founder & Head Coach

Chinavut Chantarat Cheno

– Winner Freshjam 2019
  (7 to Smoke) 

– Winner 6Kamenz
   Anniversary 2018

– Winner ANR
   Anniversary 2019 

– Winner K-Battle 2019
   (Crew vs Crew)

– Winner PSM 20
   Anniversary 2020  

Coach (Toprock ,Footwork & Style)

Krispanu Vattanapong Cound Pig

Breaking experience 11 years 

РThird place at SBD Streetdance 2019 

Р2nd Place at Diana Eprix contest 2015 

– 3rd place Performace 2019

Coach (Powermove & Freeze tricks)

Piyachanok Nuanhoon Aka

breaking class goals

Our goal is focus on how to cross over what you fear and Break the limit of what you think you can not do. Be more confidence into dance and doing move with out scare .We helping you to do the move faster in the right way especially for ” Powermove ”¬† Explore your self in the way that you would like to grow with the strong Foundation from our Breaking Syllabus and also with our Experiences coachs. We can help you to save more time to practice and save your body from the unnessesery injuries.

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Class detail

Basic Level

You will learn Basic Breaking foundation. Basic Toprock , Drop , Footwork , Freeze & Powermove. How to make a full combination. Learn how to move with the music. Learn Basic Powermove Backspin ,Swipe , Hand Glide and Windmill.  

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Advance Level

You learn more Footwork foundation drills & Back rock. Learn different transition between each elements.Focus on the Freeze strenght and Freeze combos. Learn how to do Turtle , Cricket , Barrel Windmill , Flare , 1990’s¬† and 2000’s¬† ¬†

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Powermove Class

This class will focus on the strenght of your Freezes and of course we focus on the ” Powermove ” . You will learn Powermove Combos , Headspin , Halos , Airflare , Elbow Airflare , 1.5 Airflare , 1 Elbow Airflare and more.¬†

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If you are the one who curious of how to do a Breakdancing. Let’s us help you to be more confidence and get the move faster. Train with us today and get your best results now !

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Single class
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  • 1 class
  • 2 hour
  • Basic & Advance
  • 3-6 students limited
  • Dmaniac Studio RCA
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  • 8 classes 16 hours
  • 1 class / 2 hours
  • Basic & Advance
  • 3-6 students limited
  • Dmaniac Studio RCA
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  • 8 classes 16 hours
  • Flexible time & date
  • All level All moves
  • 2 students limited
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